Monday, 1 March 2010

Stardust Speedway 057 - Sonic has cleared Act 2 (DISSERTATION IS COMPLETE)

Well; it has taken me 10 months to sort out and after a lot of hard work; sweat; three looks of Dissertation notebooks and a new copy of No More Heroes; my Dissertation is finally complete.

It ended up being just under the 8,000 word mark and it just needs proofreading; but it is complete and will be going to be printed tomorrow morning before I go into my Lecture. Now within the last post of the Blog; it is always a tradition to summarise the project and create a list of changes that they would like to make to the project if you had more time or did the entire project again, so I think we should stick wit this formula.

Project Summery

I feel that the project has gone extreamly well and the way that the project stemmed from Sonic the Hedgehog only to Communism/We Love Katamari and beyond; it just shows how one idea can be changed into another by the drop of a hat or by simply adding more research into the project. Also If I knew that I would be re-writing half of the project's content by the end of the second draft; I would have halted everything to make sure that the work would go a bit more smoother. Also one thing I would have changed is the content of the document and possible revert back to only one Social System instead of Three because in some of the research, I have only skated over the subject and it would have been good to go in more depth into each section.

The Final Note

It has been a very detailed journey from the start of the project to the end and I have learned more about Capitalism, Communism and Post-modernism within the last year than any other point of my life. Now it has given me a greater vision of how the world is run, under each individual system. It has not given me a clear favourite of which one I would choose, but it has given me an additional Incite into how Games are developed under each systems rules and the restrictions each one brings into the medium.

I hope everybody who has been following the blog has enjoyed what I have been trying to do; even though a few people have disagreed with what I am doing; it has been a wild ride and I might even do this again one day just for fun and to refine my knowledge of the industry once again.

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